Finding a Dispensary in NYC

5 Things to Consider Next Time You're Looking for a Dispensary in NYC

Let’s face it: you can be all over New York City when you start wondering how to find a dispensary in NYC. While we hope to be your auto-fill on Google for finding a dispensary, we acknowledge the power of convenience. Word on the street is that New Yorkers consume the most marijuana – even before it was decriminalized. More than Amsterdam, literal weed central. People who don’t know weed, know Amsterdam and know it’s weed. #smokeweedeveryday

Since so many of us are high all the got dam time. We know there’s plenty to share – there’s room for so, so many of us to succeed here, and we wish them the best. New York City is massive and it is not always easy to get to one of our locations. So…here’s how I find a dispensary on-the-go.


My sister visited me in NYC, so naturally I had to run her through all the touristy things, going so far as to hit up multiple I Heart NY shops and doing a hop on-off tour during pouring rain. As we were strolling through Times Square, I kicked myself for not bringing my own weed – I LITERALLY work at a dispensary – but saw it as another cool experience for my sister. She’s from South Dakota (still illegal), so she thinks everything is cool.

So, how did I find our dispensary? I like to think I have some taste when choosing my place, so, here’s the top 5 things I considered when looking for a Manhattan dispensary.

1. Proximity

Of course my first step was to type in dispensary near me on Google Maps. But I didn’t stop there.

2. Hours

literally, are. They. Open. Now. Time is money, people! Especially when it’s cold out.

3. Customer service

Are they nice? Do I feel comfortable browsing the store and asking for help? I found a glamorous place to enter, and the person who helped me was incredibly personable. Plus, they knew what they were talking about. THC-A is a legal alternate, turns into real THC on combustion, etc.

4. The vibes

Glamorous. There was no body search or things hidden behind closed doors, it was welcoming from the outside. Beautifully lit, spacious, heaps of products, and great displays. Music was playing in the background. As a female, I don’t feel preyed upon. That’s key. Of course, I have to show my ID, but I am glad for that verification.


I can’t go through everything and then get fake weed or CBD when I’m expecting genuine kush. So I need to know if it’s real. And, if it’s not, how are they handling it? Is it the end of conversation or do they redirect my question?

In sum, I chose well.

Was I satisfied with my experience? It is impossible not to compare to my home store, but it was a great experience. I could tell the staff enjoyed working there, and there were so many products to choose from, and my sister loved the cart she got (she took it home). Their products seemed a bit pricier and used many different cannabinoids where ours is a straight dispensary, plain and simple. You want bud, we got it. Gummies? Got it. Baked goods? They didn’t have it, but we got it (see below!!). However, if you just want to know how to find a dispensary, especially one close to you, these steps are a good start.

Tray of baked goods that are half cookie, half brownie
Stay tuned for next week’s post on taking a tolerance break (aka, a t-break) from cannabis! Whether it’s for cost reasons, or you get sick like me, there’s only benefits to taking a t-break and there’s lots of different ways to do it. Hint: they are not all “cold-turkey” quitting, either.

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